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Walya Pardes

Spoken Languages: English
Walya Pardes

I completed secondary school at Melbourne Girls’ College.

My first degree I completed (2007) a Bachelor of Arts in Advocacy & Mediation – majoring in Sociology.

Last year I graduated in Bachelor of Laws with (Honours).

In my career I have worked with Disability Action Centre (DEAC) – They have since renamed the organisation. With DEAC I have been involved in the process of making an amendment to an award back in 2005/2006.

I was a marketing manager at the E.L (Interlink group /Promar) I stepped in and turned business around, I was involved with strategic planning and cutting costs by moving the work inhouse rather than outsourcing.

I was a business manager at Zarifa’s Collection – expanding the business, buying, forecasting trends, book keeping, leasing and accounts and everything else that is involved in running a business.

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