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Ajak & Associates advise and act for workers and businesses in relation to employment, industrial and work health safety matters.‍

Often, workplace issues require immediate attention. We can provide practical and strategic advice in all areas of workplace law at short notice or assist you with medium to long term workplace matters.

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Why Ajak & Associates?

We understand your problems.

As experienced employment lawyers in Melbourne, we have a comprehensive understanding of the law and its application to the workplace. We know how to deal with both simple and complex issues so you can be confident in our ability to resolve matters quickly, cost-effectively and without fuss.

We provide advice and represent clients in matters such as, employment contracts, workplace disputes, termination, redundancy and transfer of employment, unfair dismissal, underpayment, wages and entitlement (leave and superannuation) claims, discrimination, bullying and harassment, whistleblowing, Return to Work and work, health and safety.

Why Us

The Ajak & Associates Difference

We offer professional service & superior value

At Ajak & Associates, we believe that our clients deserve a superior level of service and accountability. Our experienced employment law team will provide you with the most up-to-date information about workplace law and work health safety issues.

We have a proven track record in employment matters

Our expertise spans both litigation and alternative dispute resolution which includes mediation, arbitration and conciliation. We offer comprehensive advice, using our knowledge of the law and employment practice to assist you in reaching the best possible outcome.

Ajak & Associates also has extensive experience in representing clients before government agencies such as Workcover, Workforce Melbourne and The Industrial Relations Commission of Victoria.

We provide convenient service across all areas of workplace law

We offer fixed-fee appointments, flexible payment options and a range of fixed fees depending on the nature of your employment or workplace law issues.

What we do

Our Employment Law Services

Our aim is to see our clients through tough times and make sure they get the appropriate support from people who understand their situation.

We provide advice and represent clients in matters such as:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Workplace Disputes
  • Termination, Redundancy & Transfer of Employment
  • Workers Compensation & Work Health Safety
Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question?

Should I hire an employment lawyer?

Hiring an employment lawyer is not always required, but if you are having issues with your employer it may be beneficial. If you are considering hiring one, make sure they have experience in the field of law that pertains to your case.

For example, lawyers experienced and knowledgeable in workplace disputes and unfair dismissal can help protect you from wrongful dismissal, assist with time off for medical treatment, and advise you of your rights if you are being mistreated.

Employment lawyers also have the experience to find employment law solutions by assisting employees with drafting contracts or negotiating new contracts, as well as placing them on individual agreements.

These professionals can also represent employees who need assistance during court proceedings and also draft letters and other necessary documents for their clients.

Employment lawyers may be able to assist you with the following:

  • Drafting contracts
  • Negotiating contracts or new employment agreements
  • Unfair dismissal issues
  • Time off for medical treatment
  • Protecting employees from wrongful dismissal
  • Representation during court proceedings
  • Drafting letters and other necessary documents for their clients.

If you are being mistreated by your employer or are having issues with them regarding unfair treatment, it is imperative to consult a lawyer who specializes in this area of law so they can help you protect your rights.

Employment lawyers can also provide their expertise to small businesses, and advise them on all employment law matters and the best ways to overcome legal issues in the employment relationship, to avoid large costs and time-consuming litigation.

An employment law firm can provide the advice and services necessary to assist employers in meeting their legal obligations, while at the same time protecting them from potential liabilities for their actions.

What does an employment lawyer cover?

A seasoned employment lawyer can help you with all your business-related legal issues, including the formation of a company, shareholder agreements, intellectual property protection and licensing. They are also able to offer legal advice on other common business practices.

Every day, disputes between employers and employees arise around the world in just about every industry imaginable. Many of these disputes can be resolved with the help of a reputable employment law specialist.

Employment lawyers may also provide employment law advice, consultation and representation to employees and employers and it's important for both parties to understand their rights and responsibilities. The role of an employment lawyer is to help both employers and employees work through complex issues, such as those regarding pay rates, overtime, bonuses, termination and severance agreements, employment contracts and company policies.

Employment lawyers provide legal counsel to their clients on areas such as anti-discrimination laws, employee benefits, paternity leave and unemployment insurance.

It's essential that employers understand what they can and cannot ask potential employees before making hiring decisions. Many companies deal with this issue by bringing in employment lawyers to draft employment applications and interview policies.

Employment lawyers also play an important role in drafting agreements for employment for both employers and employees. They can help employees understand the terms of their contracts, such as how much notice is required when resigning or if they are allowed sick leave. At the same time, they can provide assistance to employers in drafting contracts that suit their business needs.

Employment lawyers are best placed to advise on any issues arising from redundancy, restructuring or industrial action. Employers who engage employment lawyers to provide advice about redundancies should be able to avoid potential claims for unfair dismissal.

Every employer wants staff they can trust and rely on, which is why it is important to have a clear understanding of the laws in your state when recruiting. Not only will this help you save time and money by avoiding potential legal issues, but you can also be confident your hiring process is compliant with the law.

It's very common for disputes between employers and employees to arise during or after the termination of employment. Employment lawyers are experts in this area and can provide detailed information on the laws that apply to your situation. This includes issues such as unfair dismissal, unlawful termination, severance packages, redundancy entitlements and discrimination.

Employment lawyers are also able to assist with drafting employment contracts for existing employees. They can explain clearly what is required of both parties in terms of employment responsibilities, duties and rights. They can also provide advice to employers on ways they can avoid future disputes with employees by considering reasonable requests carefully.

An experienced employment lawyer can help you navigate what are often extremely complex issues in the workplace. From terminations to discrimination claims, an experienced lawyer will be able to assist your business in many ways.

Employment lawyers also provide legal advice and strategies to avoid conflict before it even arises. They can help employers write policies that suit their business needs as well as draft employment contracts, such as pay rates and resignations, which will minimise the possibility of future disputes.

Finding an experienced employment lawyer is a great first step toward establishing a strong relationship with your employees. They can help you avoid costly legal fees and financial penalties by providing valuable advice about the employment laws that apply to your business.

Finally, it's important to point out that there are certain limitations on the advice employment lawyers can provide. When written, your business's policies should be clear and achievable so they don't contradict the law or mislead staff.

We make a real difference to our clients’ lives, contribute positively to the administration of justice, believe in equal and fair treatment by the law and achieve socially valuable outcomes.