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Ajak & Associates celebrate the diversity that migration brings to Australia and recognise that it can be a complicated area of law; one that often intersects with other legal issues.

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Why Ajak & Associates?

Ajak & Associates celebrate the diversity that migration brings to Australia and recognise that it can be a complicated area of law; one that often intersects with other legal issues.

When this happens it is vital to obtain advice from a law firm such as Ajak & Associates. We provide assistance and advice in all stages of migration in Australia, including: visa applications and cancellations, permanent residency, citizenship, merits review to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and judicial review in the Federal Circuit Court and Federal Court.

Why Us

The Ajak & Associates Difference

We'll handle everything

We will review your visa application, help you with the settlement of new arrival, and ensure that all of your post-arrival requirements are satisfied.

Experienced Lawyers

There is an experienced lawyer for every level of need from those who require citizenship, to those who may need a tourist visa.

Helpful Team

Our legal team can guide you through the complex web of Australian migration law and will clarify any questions or concerns that arise along the way.


What we do

We offer the following migration services:

  • Visa Applications
  • Visa Cancellations
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Judicial Review
  • Citizenship
Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question?

How much does an immigration lawyer cost for citizenship?

The service fee for a citizenship application can vary from one immigration lawyer to another. However, most immigration lawyers charge between $1500 and $2500.

Because all applications are different, not all fees will be the same. For example, a lawyer may charge a flat fee for a straightforward case and an hourly rate if a more complicated matter arises.

What are the benefits of experienced immigration lawyers?

Moving to a foreign country is often a life-changing experience. You can enjoy the work and study opportunities afforded by Australia, and create a safe and permanent home for your family by obtaining the right Australian visa.

Australian immigration law is constantly updated and can seem complicated. Your application may be rejected if you fail to provide the required documentation or if you don't follow certain requirements.

Although it is possible to apply to Australia without the assistance of a lawyer, there are many advantages to having an expert on your side.

Australia has more than 70 active visa subclasses: including family visas, partner visas, and employer sponsored visas. Each one is for a specific purpose and requires different documentation. It can be difficult to decide which subclass of visa is right for you.

Our highly experienced immigration lawyers can help you determine your eligibility and fulfil your documentary requirements.

They will take care of everything, including filling out the forms correctly, pointing out any errors or mistakes on your part, explaining how to include all necessary documents and referring you to other experts when needed.

What is the difference between a migration agent and a lawyer?

Migration lawyers and registered migration agents are not the same. Migration agents, also known as migration advisers or consultants, don't have a law degree. They are certified by the Migration Agents Registration Authority to help with many aspects of your application but cannot represent you in court and cannot charge you for their legal advice or services.

On the other hand, lawyers not only have the specific legal expertise and experience with the visa application process but they will take care of everything from beginning to end. They can also provide additional services such as referring you to other experts when needed and attending interviews on your behalf.

With a decision this big for you and your family, it pays to leave nothing to chance. Ajak and Associates are proud to have some of the finest immigration lawyers in Melbourne on the team, so get in touch to have them on yours.

We make a real difference to our clients’ lives, contribute positively to the administration of justice, believe in equal and fair treatment by the law and achieve socially valuable outcomes.