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We provide straightforward, sensible, timely and cost-effective family law advice.

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Why Ajak & Associates?

Ajak & Associates understand that, for many people, experiencing a relationship breakdown is the most stressful event of their lives. We have the knowledge to assist you in navigating this difficult time with sensitivity and respect.

We believe that trust between you and your legal advisor is an essential element. When you meet with us, we want you to feel confident that your family law matters will be expertly handled with care.

We provide straightforward, sensible, timely and cost-effective legal advice to help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities and consider your options moving forward. We can tailor a strategic approach to your personal circumstances, in consideration of either or both parenting and financial legal matters. We also provide advice in relation to divorce and Registered Relationships.

What we do

How our family lawyers can help you

We provide advice on all family law matters and our legal services include (but are not limited to):

  • Children’s Matters
  • Divorce
  • Financial Agreements
  • Property Settlements
  • Spousal Maintenance
Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question?

What if you can't afford a family lawyer?

Many Australians find themselves to be in this situation. Fortunately, there are ways around the financial barrier for those who cannot afford their own experienced family lawyer.

The first thing you can do is ask your local Legal Aid office whether they offer any free family law services. Some will offer a single session with a solicitor or advice that you must act on to receive further free help later.

Some community centres and women's aid groups offer their own family law services, but often these are just limited to mediation.

Do lawyers give free advice?

It is possible to get free legal advice, but this isn't the same thing as getting a family law service. Lawyers will only provide free legal advice when they are giving their professional judgment on what you should do in your case.

It's important that they don't encourage you to take any further steps until they've been given the full picture of your situation.

Do law firms offer free consultations?

It is possible to consult a lawyer for free. This will be done during the initial stages of your case, or before you receive any advice that can't be given over the phone.

If you have a complicated family law case, it is not uncommon for lawyers to insist on meeting with you first. However, they should always tell you what their costs and fees will be and only accept the meeting if they think they can help you.

How can I get free legal advice in Australia?

There are many ways that you can get free legal advice in Australia.

This is where Legal Aid offices come into play, offering different levels of legal assistance depending on your financial situation.

Some will only offer an initial consultation with one lawyer, but this might include other services such as referral to a family mediation service or community legal centre. If you need more time, you will have to pay for their services or find your own lawyer. The Legal Aid office can also refer you to other services which offer free legal advice if you need it.

Community centres and women's aid groups might provide some free family law help through mediation, but this is usually only the case when there are custody issues involved.

You can also get free legal advice through your local community legal centre. This service is only available to those who are financially disadvantaged.

If you live in rural areas, there's a good chance that you will have access to free family law help through the Legal Aid office. Otherwise, your other option is to contact your local court or tribunal for information on what is available in your area.

You might be able to get free legal advice on family law matters if you are a student or Australian citizen under 18 years of age. All states have laws that provide for mandatory free legal help for this group, so contact your local Legal Aid office to find out more.

For those who feel uncomfortable getting free legal advice, there are other options available.

Law Firms offer a "free consultation" which is not the same as getting free legal advice from a lawyer, but it will give you an opportunity to discuss your case and decide if you want to go further.

Some solicitors also offer a "free second opinion," which will be given over the phone instead of in person. However, you should understand that it's not possible for them to give you a total picture of your case over the phone.

We make a real difference to our clients’ lives, contribute positively to the administration of justice, believe in equal and fair treatment by the law and achieve socially valuable outcomes.